Static Web Client generator

This small utility let you run a command line to generate a static directory that you can serve with Nginx/Apache for your trame application.

You just need to provide the –output directory if you don’t want to add to the current directory. Then you can provide the list of module names that your application is using or plan to use. If no modules are provided, the executable will do a lookup in trame.modules.* and enable all of the them. The initialization order is not guarante.

The following command line provide an example of what it could look like:

python -m --output ./www-content www vuetify vtk plotly

Or you can also do the following as only the pieces needed will be downloaded by the client when needed.

mkdir ./www-all
cd www-all
python -m

Here is a list of known modules: deckgl, markdown, matplotlib, paraview, plotly, router, trame, vega, vtk, vuetify, www (main client)

With the add-on support of vue3 backend, you can now provide which client you want to enable by providing –client-type vue2 or –client-type vue3. Keep in mind that vue2 UI template are not 100% compatible with their vue3 counter part…