Python serve utility

This executable allow you to run a trame application as a single process for multiple users. As opposed to the regular launcher within our docker setup, this will run a single process and execute each session within its own trame server as an asynchronous task in Python.

This tools is not meant to be used on a production server but could be enough for multi-users demos.

Also this assume that your trame application is using a class construct which expect a server as argument.

The default example can be executed as follow:

python -m
The possible arguments are:
  • –exec: Trame app to serve (default: where Cone` is the class to instantiate from the module.

  • –host: IP or hostname to serve on (default: localhost)

  • –port: Port to serve on (default: 8080)

  • –ws-heart-beat: WebSocket heart beat in seconds (default: 30)

  • –ws-max-size: WebSocket maximum message size in bytes (default: 10000000)